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See our work featured in Clark Aldrich's new book: Learning by Doing : A Comprehensive Guide to Simulations, Computer Games, and Pedagogy in e-Learning and Other Educational Experiences.

Fisher, D., Bowers, T., Ellertson, A., Brumm, T., & Mickelson, S. (2003). As the case may be: The potential of electronic cases for interdisciplinary communication instruction. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 46(4), 313-19.

Working Papers (new additions)

Date Author Title File
June 2006 Fisher Remediating the professional classroom: The new rhetoric of teaching and learning PDF

Dissertation about MyCase project.


Recent Presentations

Conference Date Presenter Title File(s)
CPTSC October 2007 Nahrwold (Fisher)

Virtual Case Environments (VCEs): Implications for a self-sustaining,project-oriented curriculum


4th Simpósio International de Estudos de Genêros Textuais

August 2007 Russell (Fisher)
Online, multimedia case studies for professional education: Revisioning concepts of genre recognition

Link - Published in Proceedings of SIGET
Computers and Writing May 2007 Fisher Space, Time, and Transfer in Virtual Case Environments  
Computers and Writing Online February 2007 Fisher Lot 49: An Emerging Model of Composition/Technical Communication Textbook  
WAC May 2006 Russell, Bowers, Fisher I'm not (quite) a meteorologist, but I play one on the Web  
IDLA April 2005 Cheaney Problem-Based Learning in an On-Line Biotechnology Course: Student Perceptions of Multimedia Enhancements PowerPoint
4Cs March 2005 Russell Multimedia Online Cases: Role Playing in Multiple Perspectives across Multiple Courses Word
4Cs March 2005 Bowers Using Case Studies in First-Year Composition: Teaching Argument and Introducing Students to the Public Sphere PowerPoint
4Cs March 2005 Fisher Practicing reflection: Representing and critiquing the “real world” in the professional classroom PowerPoint
ATTW March 2005 Bowers and Fisher Risk Communication and Corporate Conduct: A Classroom Model PowerPoint
ABC October 2004 Fisher Go see for yourself!: Preparing students for immersion in a workplace simulation PowerPoint
WAC May 2004 Russell, Fisher, Robbins, Bowers Multimedia, Online Cases to Improve Students' Communication and Learning in the Disciplines PowerPoint
ATTW March 2004 Fisher Writing and Assessing by Designs PowerPoint